February 17, 2016

John Fahey - Fare Forward Voyagers Tab

Just the other day a message pops up on the Fahey board saying, hey I did a tab of Fahey's FFV and here it is if anyone wants it.  Wow, that's a 20 minute song!  That's a lot of tab.  That man is Nikita K. and to add to it he has a YouTube of it as well.  I encourage you to check it out.  Fantastic.

You can download the full tab (all 43 pages) HERE  It's a great lookin' tab from one of the computer TAB programs, very readable.

Going to be very light around here this week.  Normally I run a Fahey week but I've been rather busy lately and didn't work up a week's worth of material.  But, today in 2001, Fahey left this world but also left us his music.  So have a seat, download the tab and pay tribute by playing Fare Forward Voyagers.


  1. oh hell yes! thank you for this! love playing around some of the licks I've been able to figure out, to have this is a treasure.

  2. The tab was done in guitar pro 5. It offers a fair bit of customisation for the final result. So, as an example, I could erase the notation part of it and leave just the tab (which will make it 2 times shorter); or provide it in any other imaginable format (I suppose). Just let me know. Nikita

  3. I will look forward to seeing this tab. Thank you. A number of years ago I did a handwritten transcription of Fare Forward Voyagers. For comparison's sake, if interested, it is available at the old John Fahey website:



  4. I would like to give credits to your tab, Mitch, because it gave me initial spark to create my own. I like the way you tabbed it, leaving room for improvisation. I would love to do it the same way, but lack the knowledge/experience...to put in only the essentials and leave room for creativity, and to make it look beautiful and simple. But the journey goes on.
    By the way, I would love if someone could pick it up and make a finished product, polished enough to be published, just for the sake of completion. Just imagine a comprehensive collection of John Fahey tabs published as a book (I know there are couple out there already).
    OR if anyone is interested in collaboration of some sort...because I'm thinking to tab some more of Fahey repertoire.

  5. Nikita, I am glad that my tab inspired you! I once had the goal of developing a collection of the entire Fahey oevre in TAB, but alas, parenthood, employment, and other aspects of life got in the way. That being said, I have transcribed and collected a vast assortment of Fahey transcriptions over time; back in the pre-internet days I traded TABs with people from all over the world, and many of the tunes in my collection do not appear on the web or in book form. Frankly, I wrote all this stuff out by hand so that I could reference the tunes for my own enjoyment. I never strived to have things "perfect"--I always looked upon Fahey tunes like jazz standards where players inject their own personality into their playing; the more improvisation the better. I learned how to really understand the guitar by transcribing Fahey's pieces. While some of my efforts appear on the original johnfahey.com site, I am happy to share others here if interested. There is no reason to go to all the effort to transcribe something that has already been done. Scott, what is the way to do that most effectively, if you are interested? I have benefited from this site over time, and I am happy to contribute back.

    1. Hey Mitch,
      I as well as many others would love it if you wanted to share some more Fahey tabs. Shoot me an email, delta_slider at yahoo.com and let's discuss!!

  6. does anyone have the tab for this? I've come with some 4 years delay, but I'd love to have a look at it!

  7. The link to Nikita K's tab of Fare Forward Voyagers is broken. Does anyone know how to get a copy of the tab?

  8. Also keen to have a play with this if the link can be fixed?!

  9. I invite this guy to record the work on JOhn's original guitar on which he recorded the work.