April 30, 2016

The Flamenco Podcast

There's a new English language podcast of flamenco that is quite good. Up to 3 episodes so far and going strong. Here is the content of the first show, click the link below to go to his site to download or listen to the podcast.



00:00:23 - Introduction

00:02:42 - Music (José Mercé, Carmen Linares, Vicente Amigo, Daniel Casares and Jorge Pardo)

00:38:34 - Flamenco News (The New York Flamenco Festival)

00:42:52 - The Interview (with guitarist Javier Conde)

01:07:12 - The Flamenco Academy

01:13:09 - The Flamenco Radar

The Flamenco Podcast - Episode 001

March 27, 2016

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Joe Bussard presents: The Year of Jubilo - 78 RPM Recordings of Songs from the Civil War