March 17, 2020

Glenn Jones House Concert

The Glenn Jones House Concert was recorded September 2006 in or around Seattle.
I consider Glenn to be one of the torch bearers for the great guitar playing style of John Fahey. Despite what the AllMusic review of his first studio release, I believe he does break new ground. The tunings and capo use is inventive and results in sounds that while true to Fahey, are more modern sounding and mature. American Primitive all grown up? Perhaps.

Probably the other factor is that Jones plays music that is very moody, not like that bad girlfriend you once had, but music that creates an aura. The guitar in Jones' hands is a storyteller. Too many instrumental guitarists fail to move me, not because they lack technique, but because they rely on it. Glenn has both technique and a story telling ability. Fahey was, at times, short on technique, but it didn't matter, he got the message across. Glenn likes to use dissonance to create the story he is telling and I think he has really taken it to another level. Fahey's Dance of Death was amazing, but I don't think he ever topped it or matched it and it was rather early in his long career. Jones is also fond of playing the 12 string. Gotta love the 12 string.
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Track listing
1. Intro (Greetings)
2. Freedom Raga
3. Intro (Talking)
4. The Teething Necklace
5. Intro (Talking)
6. Against My Ruin
7. Intro (Talking)
8. The Doll Hospital
9. Intro (Talking)
10.David And The Phoenix
11.Intro (Talking)
12.Sphinx Unto Curious Men

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John Fahey live at Passim's in Cambridge, MA on April 16th, 1986

John Fahey live at Passim's in Cambridge, MA on April 16th, 1986
Cassette received in trade long ago, unknown gen.
There are cuts in the recording
Maxell UDS-II 90 cassette > Tascam 302 > Audiograbber > Audacity > CD Wave Editor > TLH FLAC 6 aligned on sector boundaries using fix

Rank Stranger
March 2020 


A01 On the Sunny Side of the Ocean
       Spanish Two-Step
       Spanish Fandango
       Spanish Two-Step
A02 Banter
A03 Steamboat Gwine 'Round de Bend
A04 How Green Was My Valley
A05 Banter
A06 Silent Night
A07 Banter
A08 Sunset on Prince George's County
       The  World is Waiting for the Sunrise
A09 Banter
A10 Deep River
       Ol' Man River
A11 Banter
A12 Rain Forest

B01 Steve Talbot on the Keddie Wye
B02 Banter
B03 Ocean Waves
B04 Black Mommy
B05 Melody McOcean
B06 Banter
B07 Beverley
B08 The Revolt of the Dyke Brigade
       Requiem for John Hurt
B09 Sunflower River Blues

Total time: 91:03"