February 18, 2023

John Fahey October 31, 1979 Great American Music Hall San Francisco, CA


John Fahey
October 31, 1979 
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, CA  


Disc One:
01. (Banter/Tuning)
02. On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean/Spanish Two-Step
03. Lion…(Tuning Problems/Banter)…. 
04. Lion (continues)…(Banter/Tuning)
05. Steamboat Gwine Round Da Bend/How Green Was My Valley…(Fahey takes a break)

Disc Two:
01. (Banter/Tuning)
02. Steve Talbot On The Keddie Wye…(Banter/Tuning)  
03. The Approaching Of The Disco Void…  
04. (Tuning)…Guitar Lamento/Christmas Fantasy/Gaucho…(Banter)
05. Imitation Train Whistles (false start)…(Banter/Tuning)
06. Imitation Train Whistles/Po’ Boy/Steel Guitar Rag
07. (Banter)
08. Ocean Waves/Christ’s Saints of God Fantasy/Stomping Tonight On The    Pennsylvania-Alabama Border/In Christ There Is No East or West…(fades out)


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