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Lots of solo acoustic guitar in the American Primitive style, blues and flamenco.  Mostly guitar-driven music, decidedly acoustic, but bound to stray at times.

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Who and what is Delta-Slider?
I suspect that some people out there might be wondering why the site is called Delta Slider and yet seems to be focused a lot more on fingerstyle guitar than say, blues.  Well I had fully intended the site to be focused on blues, and so goes the best laid plans.  But as it turns out,  Mississippi John Hurt makes a reference to a train known as the Sliding Delta.  Blues segues to Fahey.  John Fahey is obviously the inspiration for a lot of the music here and he loved trains.  At one time I considered changing it to Acoustic Plunky-Plunk.  That’s what my girlfriend (affectionately?) calls my music.  “That plunky-plunk guitar stuff.”  I think I’ll just stick to Delta Slider.

My name is J. Scott Moore, call me Scott.  I live north of the Denver/Boulder area in Colorado.  I love music, always have, but I've really embraced the American Primitive style over the last few years.  It’s always been out there on the fringe of my listening, but not front and center.  Now it’s about all I listen to, sprinkled with a liberal quantity of flamenco and acoustic blues.  The common thread there is obviously the acoustic guitar, steel and nylon and fingerstyle.

Do I play?  I try!  Since I started playing acoustic guitar in high school I've never been without one.  Though I've spent many years not playing at all I've always kept an acoustic in the closet.  I knew I would get back to it someday, there’s just something about an acoustic that stirs me, they speak to me.

Thanks for visiting Delta Slider.