February 25, 2014

John Fahey TAB Library

Well we are deep into Fahey week and I hope you are inspired to do some playing.  Damian has taken every Fahey TAB he could find and put them all in one PDF.  He's got a table of contents and all.  It's an amazing 300+ pages.  You can d/l it HERE.  Here's a few things you might want to learn!

And here's one from Bill Brown playing Bucktown Stomp from the TAB MTW provided last year.




  1. Very nice, Damian! Thanks much. I look forward to learning some new tricks and seeing how the transcriptions you've collected compare to the many handwritten TABs in my collection that I traded for with friends the world over back in the pre-internet days. Your pdf, downloaded in about three seconds; it took me over 30 years to establish my collection! Cheers!

  2. This is awesome!!! Thanks so much! Now it is time to study!
    A Fahey fan from Spain.

  3. Deep River Ole man river tuning??? any one know how to play Fahey's Old man river???

  4. Honored to see video of myself pop up here during Fahey week! Just finished Lowenthal's book, what a fantastic read and I highly recommend it. Best wishes to everybody.

    Andy Lardner

  5. Hello. Thank's a lot for your work.
    If i can, i'm looking for On the banks of the Owichita tab, can you help us?
    Thank you
    Julien From France

  6. Hello. I don't know what is wrong but I can't get access to the file. Can someone please help me?