December 6, 2019

Ten Years Gone : A Tribute to Jack Rose

November 2, 2019

John Fahey live at the Grand Theater in Salem Oregon on December 12th 1991.

John Fahey live at the Grand Theater in Salem Oregon on December 12th 1991.

 Italy 1982 by Roberto Menabo (?)

d/l link


A01 Intro
A02 Son House
    Mood Indigo
    O' Holy Night
A03 O' Little Town Of Bethlehem
    Rain Forest
A04 Jingle Bells
    Son House (fragment)
    My Prayer
A05 Talking And Tuning
A06 Steamboat Gwine 'Round de Bend
A07 Talking
A08 Snowflakes
A09 Silent Night
A10 Worried Blues
    Come On In My Kitchen

End of first set

B01 Tuning
B02 Red Rocking Chair
with fragments from: Russel Blaine Cooper
                     Willie Moore
                     The Voice Of The Turtle
                     Pretty Polly
                     Russell Blaine Cooper
B03 Talking And Tuning
B04 The Sea Of Love
    Blueberry Hill
    The Great Pretender
    In The Still Of The Night
    The Thing At The End of New Hampshire Avenue
    Come Softly and Go With Me
B05 The First Noel
B06 Talking And Tuning
B07 We Three Kings Of Orient Are
    What Child is This (fragment)
B08 What Child is This
    Hark! The Herald Angel Sing
    O Come All Ye Faithful   
B09 Irish Medley

August 17, 2019

Isasa - US East Coast Tour

US East Coast Tour Artwork: @abelcuevas

8/16 Boston, MA @ House Show
8/17 Turner Falls, MA @ Peskeomskut Park
8/18 New Haven, CT @ Never Ending Books
8/19 Brooklyn, NY @ Synesthesia
8/20 Philadelphia, PA @ The Random Tea Room 8/21 Washington, DC @ Rhizome
8/22 Baltimore, MD @ Club 603
8/23 Staunton, VA @ Black Swan Books & Music 8/24 Blackburg, VA @ Oddfellow’s Lodge
8/25 Columbus, OH @ Bourbon Street
8/26 Lousville, KY @ Chapel of St. Phillip Neri
8/27 Nashville, TN @ Proper Saké Co.
8/28 Birmingham, AL @ House Show
8/29 Athens GA @ Flicker Theatre
8/30 Asheville, NC @ Static-Age Records
8/31 Durham, NC @ House Show


August 1, 2019


Heinrich Kley
From the fine person who sent me these tapes:

The origins of the “77 session” tapes are shrouded in mystery. That they were professionally recorded studio tapes is no longer in doubt – as was born out when Shanachie Records issued “God, Time & Causality” in the 1990s. Aural comparison of certain tracks from the ’77 sessions confirms that they derive from the same masters. They can’t have originated with Shanachie, which did not exist as a record company in 1977. We speculate that the tapes were actually made in the Yazoo studio in New York by the late Nick Perls. Perls, owner of Yazoo, was known to have recorded (in 1972) Fahey and also possessed unissued tapes of other artists such as Woody Mann and Ari Eisinger. Shanachie took over the Yazoo catalogue in 1989 – so it’s entirely possible they may have received unissued master tapes. An alternative theory is that they were demo tapes for the Takoma “Visits Washington D.C.” album which came out in 1979. Some of the themes (notably “Melody Brennan”) were reprised on that album.

This dub of the tapes came to me via one Jürgen Kleine, a Fahey fan and early collector in Germany. I began corresponding with Jürgen sometime in the early 1970s after answering a small ad he placed in “Guitar” magazine seeking contact with other Fahey fans. Jürgen’s importance to what Fahey described as his “spy network” can’t be under-estimated. He became the fount, the conduit through which tablature, bootleg cassette tapes, photocopies of magazine articles – anything Fahey-related – was disseminated to the (at that time) smallish circle of Fahey fans. The network included Glenn Jones, Ragtime Ralph and maybe a dozen or so others. Jürgen’s 1984 letter enclosing the cassettes states that he had full permission from Fahey to copy for distribution. But he does not say where he got the tapes from. He may have gotten from Fahey himself, as with some of the material he sent me. Perhaps Glenn Jones? Who knows?

Anyway, it’s my opinion for what it’s worth that the tapes represent Fahey at the top of his game and are some of the most interesting of the unreleased bootlegs.



Below is the post from for these unreleased tapes. The pieces that match the God Time & Causality have been omitted.

Sandy on Earth
Originally titled "The Nut House". Rerecorded (or not) for "God Time & Causality" 12 years later. By which I mean that on the unreleased version we have these little occasional electronic effects, reverb and echo and such, which really add a tinge of excitement. Not that the unvarnished "Let It Be" version isn't a major classic.

Bossa Nova Song 1 & 2
   Parts of this recycled into "Melody McBad"
Melody Brennan
Hare Krishna Song 1 & 2
   The main theme of this drop-dead brilliant 18 minute piece was used in "Charlie Becker's Meditation" on "Railroad". We tried at various times to get Fahey to a) remember this piece, and b) having remembered it, get it released. As you will realise, to no avail.

Melody McBad/Portland Cement Factory/Funeral Song for John Hurt
   Rerecorded (or not) for "God Time & Causality" 12 years later.

Unknown Song Takes 1 & 2
Unknown Bossa Nova
Unknown Song/Nut House
Lover Come Back to Me
Lover Come Back to Me/I'll See You in my Dreams
Unknown Song
Rubber Dolly
The Nut House (part)

February 28, 2019

John Fahey Guinness Fleadh Festival Randall's Island, New York on June 13th, 1998

John Fahey Guinness Fleadh Festival Randall's Island, New York on June 13th, 1998.

From a cassette received in trade, unknown generation.

Lineage: Tascam 302 > McIntosh C40 Preamp > TEAC CD-RW 890 MK2 > CDRW ripped with EAC (secure mode), cut and indexed with CD Wave Editor >
         Audacity > TLH Flac level 6, aligned on sector boundaries using fix.

Total time: 36:29"

No tracklist, any info welcome!


February 27, 2019

Blind Brand X and Dixie X Live at Groundswell Cafe

Ralph Johnston aka Blind Brand X

Vancouver, BC, Canada, April 13th, 2016

Peter Gunn variations

A little humor my dear Zilkov, always with a little humor / The internationally renowned Takoma Park, Maryland academy of Taoist tap dancing rag

Delta slider blues

Ghost train to Valhalla

The January 2015 american primitive guitar tour of Spokane, Portland and Seattle rag

The Fonotone waltz

Peavine blues

Has anybody seen my ghoul?

A tearful Stephen King carries the body of the recently deceased clayton peacock to a pet semetary just down the road

Rags don’t rattle rag


Hi all, here's a great set by Ralph Johnston from way back in 2016. Huge thanks to Alex for recording this show. I had the pleasure of meeting Alex and Ralph at the 1000 Incarnations of the Rose fest last year and I'm so glad. Great guys!!

February 26, 2019

john fahey 4 june 1999 taku taku, kyoto

john fahey       

4 june 1999
taku taku, kyoto             

john fahey (guitar)

1. 8:53
2. 20:27
3. 19:45
4. 9:31
5. 14:34
6. 1:09


February 25, 2019

John Fahey live at the Hunter College Assembly Hall New York on May 31st, 1975

From a Memorex MRX3 Oxide cassette received in trade years ago, unknown generation.
There are cuts between the songs, second side of the cassette is blank.
So unfortunately, this is far from complete, but all I have from this show.

Quote from a review by Paul Nelson in "The Village Voice":

"Without a word, he picked up his guitar and played the first song.
It lasted 45 minutes and was quite remarkable, as was the rest of his three-hour concert"
Taken from:
Claudio Guerrieri "The John Fahey Handbook" Vol. 2  ISBN 978-0-9853028-1-8

01 Section From Christ's Saints Of God Fantasy
   Stomping Tonight On The Pennsylvania-Alabama Border
   Section From Christ's Saints Of God Fantasy
02 In Christ There Is No East Or West
03 Beverly
04 On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean
05 Spanish Two-Step
06 Lion
   How Long
07 The Revolt Of The Dyke Brigade
08 Funeral Song For Mississippi John Hurt
08 Wine And Roses

Total time: 44:03" 

In his book, Dance of Death: The Life of John Fahey, American Guitarist, author Steve Lowenthal cites a review of John Fahey’s performance at Hunter College in New York by the Village Voice’s Paul Nelson in 1975:

“His guitar-playing is a deliberate mixture of psychology, order, mythology, poetry, and genre–all very exact, with the meaning entirely between the lines. Part of our fine national school of minimal acting, glints of feeling shining through the stoic, awesome professionalism that is characteristic of the American hero, John Fahey seems to me to be the Clint Eastwood/Steve McQueen of the guitar. I’d hate to meet him in a dark alley. He didn’t even say goodbye.”

Dr. Demento and John Fahey Interview Son House

On May 7, 1965, UCLA students Barry Hansen (who, as you know, would later find fame as radio’s Dr. Demento) and John Fahey (already an accomplished guitarist), along with Mark Levine, sat down for an interview with legendary Delta blues singer Son House

Dr. Demento and John Fahey Interview Son House

February 24, 2019

Audience Recording of Fahey at the Memphis Blues Festival of 1969

It's Fahey Week and this year is all about re-upping all the previous posts lost to the divShare crash. Everything is now on Dropbox, hopefully the free account can handle the traffic. (2019 edit, nope, lost that too!!) So this is a re-re-up?!?!?

Here's a little gem sent to me this week. A live recording from a hand-held recorder by someone in the audience at the Memphis Blues Festival, June 6-7th, 1969.  See page 396 of The John Fahey Handbook, volume 2 for details. Fahey was included in a two hour PBS program "The Memphis Birthday Blues Festival" hosted by Steve Allen, aired on June 29th, 1969. Does anyone have this video that they would share?


John Fahey 2 October 1999 Queen Elizabeth Hall London, England

John Fahey
2 October 1999
Queen Elizabeth Hall London, England audience master>cdr>xact>flac
1 Improvisation with Sketches from Hitomi > Death Don't Have No Mercy
2 ?
3 Guitar Lament > Mexico (Juana)
4 Marilyn > My Prayer
5 City Of Refuge > Nightmare > Rodeo
6 Dorothy
7 Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning > Summertime

John Fahey - guitar


by Michael Weare

the WIRE on location 
John Fahey 
UK: London Queen Elizabeth Hall - October 2, 1999