February 23, 2010

John Fahey - Late Career, Electric Bootlegs

Well here we are for day two of Fahey Week. Thought I would post a few of Fahey’s late-career concert bootlegs that I have. Both are electric guitar concerts.

Each has a unique aspect to it.

The Dutch boot is a radio show so the sound is excellent and it is interspersed with the Dutch announcer and a Fahey interview.

John Fahey Brudenell

The second one is a show from a UK tour in 1999 and the first two songs on the second disc have Fahey playing with an organist.

John Fahey - Amsterdam - 4 July 1999

Keep in mind that bootlegs aren’t always the best sound quality, though these two are pretty good.


  1. I'm really enjoying these, thanks for making them available! And thanks for this great blog! RIP J.F.

  2. You are wonderful for posting the Brudenell show, you have made me very happy

  3. Glad people are enjoying these. I debated some what about putting his late-career stuff up, but I know there are people that like it despite the fact that it is his early stuff that he is really known for.

  4. Thanks, D-S! Didn't see these till now. My blog is named after Fahey's late career masterpiece, Womblife, so these are indeed a real find to me. I was lucky enough to see him play an acoustic gig at a record store in Austin around '99 for the record release party for the Grow Fins boxset. Looking forward to digging in!

  5. So much good stuff on here. Congrats on a wonderful blog. Greetings from Queensland Australia.

  6. If the sound quality is good, any Fahey is worth having. Thanks.

  7. Craig Stewart: JOHN FAHEY LIVE AUSTIN JUNE 17th 1999!!!