February 28, 2017

Blind Joe Death: Volume One guitar tab book by Andrew Lardner

In case you aren't familiar with Andrew take a moment to listen/watch the youtube above...ok, now that you are convinced that Andrew is a certified Fahey picker you should know that he has released a tab book.
Blind Joe Death: Volume One is now available through Mel Bay Publications. This first volume is the culmination of many years of work and features transcriptions of the six compositions on the A-side of Blind Joe Death.

On Doing an Evil Deed Blues

St. Louis Blues

Poor Boy a Long Ways from Home

Uncloudy Day

John Henry

In Christ There Is No East or West

Look for a special release on his website.
Or you can pick up a copy direct from Mel Bay as well as Amazon and Elderly.

February 27, 2017

John Fahey - -Requiem For Russell Blaine Cooper guitar tab

RUSSEL BLAINE COOPER: A Great-Uncle of mine. I heard him talk once in 1957. The song sounds to me like the way he talked. He was among other things a teacher, a soldier in WWI, and he gave a demonstration of Springfield rifle sharp shooting for Teddy Roosevelt in Chillicothe, Ohio in 1917. And I'm sure he did much else of which I am unaware. Open D, with the third string tuned up to a fourth instead of a third.

Go HERE to d/l the tab!!

February 26, 2017

A poem for Fahey Week by Ralph Johnston

Scott...hiowdy!!!  Just listening to Charlie Patton and ready to send you a couple of poems for Fahey week

Thanks Ralph!

A Poem...

John Fahey and Joe Bussard
Were on the bus today
I was sitting really close
About three seats away
Neither now are young men
Like me, they're old and grey
But still, I surely would have
Known them anyway

Fahey wore black headphones
And Joe was with a friend
I couldn't hear John's music
And Bussard was near the end
Joe's stop was at the next streets
Cambie and Broadway
Still, it's strange, they both got off
Sometimes, it's just that way

I hope I see them very soon
As one or separately
It's been going on for months now
So I'll just wait and see
If they're on the bus together
Or together, separately
Hey John, hey Joe, it's Ragtime Ralph
Do you remember me?

Yet another poem by Ralph Johnston

Haven't seen the guys that look like Fahey and Bussard for awhile now...hope they're alright...

A Poem...

Listening to Weaver and Beasley
That ol' music sure does please me
Charlie Patton and Bukka White
Hearing them makes me feel alright

Mississippi John's now long gone
Spike Driver's Blues from dusk to dawn
Hate that train, Frank Hutchison's muse
And Sam McGee's Knoxville Blues

Fahey and the Takoma crew
Kottke, Lang and Basho too
Turned the guitar world around
Brand new music, old time sounds

I don't listen much these days
Guess I'm stuck in my old ways
But sometimes I hear sounds
That make my feet and brain dance 'round

February 12, 2017

The Ferryman's Fee by Alex Archibald