February 16, 2016

John Fahey - Peel Sessions May 28th 1969

What do we have today, you ask?  Well how about a little bootleg Fahey from the BBC?  Paul Bryant says that the first time he heard Fahey was on John Peel's show, then called Top Gear.  And thank goodness for that!  Bryant went on to be a bit of a Fahey fan contributing/managing, etc to the huge collection of Fahey info available at JohnFahey.com.

Yeah, just your average fan...hehehe

It was Death of the Clayton Peacock that did the poor man in, for life.  That track is included in the files I have, but unfortunately not all of the tracks are here.  They are probably out there some where...  I have the following tracks in my files, offered here for your enjoyment.

Download Fahey Peel Sessions 1969

Bucktown Stomp
The Death of the Clayton Peacock
Sunflower River Blues
In Christ There is no East or West
Steel Guitar Rag

Info about this session HERE is from the JohnFahey.com site.

Here is the info available from the BBC site on this session.
22/05/1969 - John Fahey
TX - 28/05/1969
Producer - Pete Ritzema
Engineer - Mike Harding
Studio - Studio S2, Sub-Basement, Broadcasting House
Buckingham Stomp
Death Of The Claytown Peacock
Sunflower River Blues
In Christ There Is No East Or West
Steel Guitar Rag
Dance Of The Inhabitants Of The Palace Of King Philip Xv
Some Summer Day
Poor Boy

If anyone has the complete session I would love to hear it, also curious what Peel had to say.  These tracks are chit-chat free.
Oh, and also free!


  1. We seem to be an assorted bunch of nowadays middle aged gentlemen (although one often prefers not to think about the fact that that thing about middle age is in fact a fact)in Europe, that were hit by Fahey in the end 60s by certain late night radio-shows!
    In my case it was on Swedish National Broadcast late night monday show "The Night Sextet" in late 1968 that this occured.
    This was a radio show that presented new and not so new music for "connoseurs"...music that definitely never made it to the top lists of the day!...mostly jazz and "modern academical HiArt" and some "folk&blues"...
    Jefferson Airplane´s album Surrealistic Pillow and Tom Rush´s The Circle Game had been around for a short while and we were utterly impressed by Embryonic Journey and Rockport Sunday on those albums.
    And Mr. Grossman had been reported making one or two appearances in Sweden and of course Jansch&Renbourn had been heard...
    But then there was this whispering rumour about a guy by the name of John Fahey who had several albums filled with this kind of stuff...and nobody here had ever heard it...but we were very curious...and the records were of course not available in Sweden at that time!
    Then suddenly on one of those winter nights the announcer on the "Night Sextet" suddenly said: -And now some tunes by the american guitarist John Fahey...Sunflower River Blues, Dance of the Inhabitants of the Palace of King Philip the XIV of Spain and Take a Look at That Baby...
    Well, well, well...and the rest is history!


  2. thanks so much, downloading it right now!

  3. Hello Delta Slider!
    You might remember me as simply Joe from the Andy Kershaw sessions>missing track!
    Back in the 80's I bought a big box of Fahey records and cassettes from a fan in Lünen over here in Germany; I had recorded some time ago this Peel session with introductions with my Pioneer cd-recorder on cd-r.
    So today I made wave files with NERO 7, then FLAC files with FlacFrontend/level 7 and uploaded it here:
    Don't expect too much; Peel doesn't tell much more than the song titles and the whole recording is quite distorted! I don't know if this is from the original broadcast or from a repeat, sorry!
    Rank Stranger

  4. Joe! I do remember, of course. And here you are to the rescue again! Fantastic!
    Thank you.

  5. Dear Rank Stranger!
    I have tried to find Your file with the complete Peel Session on http://www.sendspace.com/file/uxpx83
    but I am unable to find it!

    chief karlsson

  6. Has anyone by chance seen the new Fahey footage on Youtube?! :


  7. Peacockwise, I'm sure you've seen this Michael Chapman album too? http://www.theliminal.co.uk/2011/07/michael-chapman-–-the-resurrection-and-revenge-of-the-clayton-peacock/