October 28, 2011

We Are All One, In The Sun - Basho Tribute on Vinyl

You all know this out on vinyl, right?



Great release curated by Buck Curran with appearances by Meg Biard, Cian Nugent, Steffan Basho-Junghans, Glenn Jones, Yair Yona and more.

Delta-Slider review here

Acoustic Guitar Magazine Best of 2010

1. Steffen Basho-Junghans - Rolling Thunder Variation II
2. Helena Espvall - Travessa Do Cabral
3. Meg Baird - Moving Up A Ways
4. Glenn Jones - 1337 Shatuck Avenue, Apartment D
5. Arborea - Blue Crystal Fire
6. Cian Nugent - Odour Of Plums
7. Rahim AlHaj - Baghdad Athania
8. Fern Night - Song For The Queen
9. Steffen Basho-Junghans - Rocky Mountain Variations


October 25, 2011

Otis Taylor's Jam Workshop Festival

Folks, I'm so proud to announce that Delta-Slider is an official sponsor of Otis Taylor's Jam Workshop Festival.  The festival is in only it's second year and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.  Artists lined up for the workshops are of course Taylor, Bob Margolin, Tony Trischka, Don Vappie, George Porter Jr., and Mato Nanji.  The fire-power in the banjo department alone should be getting some peoples attention!

From the festival site:
Boulder Colorado resident Otis Taylor is a world-renowned musician whose unique style of “trance-blues” music defies easy categorization. While drawing upon elements of early American Blues, and even earlier African music Taylor has been called “arguably the most relevant blues artist of our time” by Guitar Player magazine. In November of 2010, Taylor found himself with a rare fall month at home in Boulder rather than touring in Europe. At the last moment, Taylor decided to hold a Trance-Blues Jam Workshop. With little time to market the event, Taylor sold out the room and had over fifty musicians, educators and singers join him at the Boulder Outlook Hotel for a glimpse into his approach to the creation of music in a live environment. A video overview of the 2010 workshop can be found at www.otistaylor.com. The event culminated with a public jam session during which one song was played and musicians were woven in and out with each bringing their own energy and perspective to the moment. The success of this event has lead Taylor to pursue the development of an annual three day Trance-Blues Jam Festival which will be held in Boulder Colorado on the weekend following Thanksgiving.

Here's a video from last year's event.

Go HERE to learn more.

October 24, 2011

James Elkington & Nathan Salsburg - Avos

Avos starts off with Hospitality, probably one of its strongest tracks. The playing is crisp and concise and yet doesn’t feel as technically precise as to feel sterile. In fact the whole body of work has a comfortable feel to it that belies the technical skill that is going on concurrently. Fez and Guinness is a favorite of mine, call me a sucker for the beer and the violin? Either way it’s another of the comfort pieces on this effort.
 But just when the comfort is settling in the guys insert just an inkling of strange to keep you on your toes. Avos, is track seven and while there’s nothing too unsettling about the piece I’m also not sure I’m “getting” it either. At first it bothered me but now I’m a little more comfortable with it.
Actually, at the half-way point the guys do start getting a little flashy, at least for this effort. Believer Field takes a lot of elements and blends them for a great sounding duet full of pull-offs, arpeggios and jazzy chords. Ending up with a song that retains the feel of a beautiful melody along the way is tricky but they do it well.
Straight Up and Down is a tune that keeps things from straying too close to the norm. A very attractive tune with its sharp angles slipping into an elegant melody, really a joy for the ears!
On that note I need to mention that a lot of what makes this an excellent effort is the production work, very fine. This is a great addition to the small canon of guitar duet efforts. Work & Worry has an interesting review of this release and I encourage you to check it out if you haven’t already. Raymond Morin is one of the rare breed of guitarist that plays in this tiny niche, his perspective is unique.
Visit Tompkins Square to BUY.
Stream it at Fretboard Journal.

October 23, 2011

Andrew Stranglen

Free digital download of this album:  HERE

For a free digital download of this album complete with artwork, over 1 hour of music including a bonus track not on the original cdr, go here: Do it!

October 20, 2011

John-Alex Mason has Died

Sad news; John-Alex Mason has passed away at the age of 35.  I saw him play here in Colorado many times and he was always a great performer.  I chatted with him now and then at shows and he was always a great guy.  He will be missed.

Story from the Colorado Springs Gazette.

When I first saw John-Alex he was playing the solo blues gigs.

Later he would switch over to this Richard Johnston style of playing and it was great fun to see him play.


October 12, 2011

Mike Fekete & Pat O'Connell

What's better than seeing a Pat O'Connell or Mike Fekete show?  How about a show they do together?  You've gotta read this nice little article about how two guys got together to play some music.

Read the article HERE

Here is a short clip of a duet they performed.  Both of these guys got me into Slack Key guitar, thanks guys.

Check them out
Pat O'Connell on CDbaby


October 9, 2011

Bert Jansch Live at McCabes Guitar Shop

Bert Jansch Live at McCabes Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, California 1979 FM Recording

01 Daybreak
02 Intro ->
03 Where Did My Life Go
04 Intro ->
05 One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
06 Pretty Saro
07 Downriver
08 Come Back Baby
09 Blackwaterside
10 Intro ->
11 Ask Your Daddy
12 Cat And Mouse
13 Fresh As A Sweet Sunday Morning
14 Running From Home
15 Anji
16 DJ outro

Download it!