February 14, 2016

John Fahey - January 1968: Live in Santa Barbara, California

Here is a great boot from 1968. 

Great performance, not a great recording, but no matter, the music makes up for it.

January 1968: Live in Santa Barbara, California

1. The Yellow Princess (8:07)

2. Requiem for Molly Part Five (8:31)
3. Requiem for Lion (5:58)
4. Commemorative Transfiguration and Communion at Magruder Park (11:53)
5. Irish Setter (9:58)
44:27 total time

What a great set!  I think this is the only boot that I have with Irish Setter on it.  I've always loved that song. All kinds of good chit-chat from Fahey.
Get it here: Santa Barbara


  1. thank you! muuuch apreciated.
    do you happen to have/be ready to share the Fahey-produced (and featuring) debut album by George Winston? from 1972, I suppose.
    cheers from Poland

  2. Hi Mietek,
    Thanks for visiting! Glad you enjoyed the boots.
    Sorry, but i won't be uploading Winston's '72 effort anytime soon. It's still in print, in fact it is very cheap and now has bonus tracks!

  3. Mate, thankyou very much for the bootleg of Fahey at the Jabberwocky. It's fucking brilliant! Too much live Fahey is bearly enough in my book. I'd just like to point out though that the song listed as 'Thus Krishna On The Battlefeild' is in fact 'Fare Forward Voyagers', wich is even better - my favaroute Fahey song. Anyhoo, keep up the good work. You're good people.

  4. Glad you like it!
    Ah yes, very possible I have the wrong set list. Happens a lot, sorry. Often I just listen to the stuff after I find it, enjoy it and never even look at the set list.

  5. Shocking tho' this statement is I am new to John Fahey and I'm a pensioner now ... I must have had my head and ears turned a different direction. Thanks for lending what i shall soon be listening to ... cheers and good wishes to you.

  6. thank you so much for this. what a great find!

  7. Can you reupload? The file seems to be missing.

  8. Hey, would you be able to reupload these tapes? Are these from the same concert where he got mad at Joni Mitchell?

  9. Amazing. You have made some people very happy!