June 23, 2011

Michael Chapman - Live In-Studio On KEXP

Michael Chapman
Live In-Studio On KEXP
"In The Roadhouse With Greg Vandy"
Seattle, WA

Michael Chapman
Be sure to check out the guitar tab on his site!!


01 [intro]
02 So Young
03 [tuning - song intro]
04 Fahey's Flag
05 [interview with Greg Vandy]
06 The Twisted Road
07 [interview 2]
08 Sometimes
09 [outro]

Download the show HERE


June 20, 2011

Dust-to-Digital : John Fahey: Your Past Comes Back to Haunt You

Dust-to-Digital : John Fahey: Your Past Comes Back to Haunt You: "John Fahey: Your Past Comes Back to Haunt You (The Fonotone Years 1958-1965)

Official release information from Dust-to-Digital.  Click on the link for more.

Catalog Number, Release Date and Contents

DTD-21 : Late September / Early October 2011
Edited by Glenn Jones
88 page book with 5 CDs
115 tracks, most available on CD for the first time
A co-production between Dust-to-Digital and Revenant


June 6, 2011

Learn Mixing Tips for Vinyl

Vinyl records are very much in vogue again, as much for their sonic quality as for their collectability. To get the best sounding results when pressing a record, you need to consider the physical limitations of the medium before you mix. Here are some tips for maximizing the sound of your record, the first time around. when pressing vinyl, you’ll trade off program length versus audio quality, so begin by determining how much music you want on each side of your record. An LP typically holds less than 30 minutes of music, and the width and spacing of the grooves plays an important role in the sound quality of a vinyl record.  Continue at Electronic Musician