December 15, 2010

Pat Donohue - "Mudslide" Guitar Tab

According to Chet Atkins, Pat Donohue is "one of the greatest fingerpickers in the world." Any praise that could be given to a guitar player seems insignificant next to such a statement, but Donohue's work warrants even more acclaim. He was named the 1983 National Fingerpicking Guitar Champion, and continues to garner recognition as an exceptional musician and entertainer. Fans of National Public Radio's A Prairie Home Companion have been treated to the fingerpicked guitar work of Pat Donohue for years, whether they know it or not. Donohue started appearing as a guest performer in the '80s and has been a regular member of the show's house band since 1993. -from All Music Guide Copyright © 2008 All Media Guide, LLC

I recently purchased the video you see above and to your right. Excellent video that includes Mudslide. I found this very helpful in fleshing out the little nuances of this song that are difficult to include in a tab. And like many guitarists, Donohue never really plays a song the same way twice. So between this rendition and the embedded one below you have a few options for embellishments, intros and outros.

Thanks to Vicki Taylor for writing this song down for me.

I've transferred it to Power Tab and I'll include a text version as well.

Notes on the tab and some tips:

Look for some text above the music denoting a section 1, 2 & 3 and a chorus section. Since I'm musically illiterate, I have no idea how to use the secret coda to guide you through the music. But it is very simple, play section 1 - chorus - section 2 - chorus - section 3.

If you have played a little slide before then it should be fairly simple to figure out what parts are fingered vs. played with the slide. Nonetheless I tried to note "NS" for 'no slide' above the sections that are fingered.
Download the tab here: TEXT FILE
                                    WORD FILE

Of course you should visit Pat Donohue' site
Consider buying this video from Amazon or Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop