December 8, 2010

Jack Rose - NPR and Andrew Stranglen pay Tribute

Tim Bugbee/Tinnitus Photography
Time for a little more Jack Rose content! 
Andrew Stranglen has sent me a couple tunes to share with all of you! 
Andrew is certainly no Fahey traditionalist!  Instead preferring electric sounding mixes, flabby low-tuned guitars and usually improvising as often as not.  It's great!
Hit the link to d/l 2 songs: "I Didn't Know Jack" and "Dis Wam Me"
About "I Didn't Know Jack" - "I recorded at home with a crappy mic and a soundhole p.u.and the mic's not prominent at all in the mix Tuning is open C/NO, it's Open A7th tune to open C then drop it down to A, then tune the high string from C# to C for that 7th nice and flabby drop tuning"
About "Dis Wam Me" - Recorded with a ZOOM, part of a larger project Andrew is working on.
Get Andrew's tunes HERE

Rose has been garnering some attention on NPR as of late.  Here's some links to those in case you missed them.

Tim Bugbee/Tinnitus Photography


And some older stuff too!

Also, Rose's new CD is now out, Luck in the Valley

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