December 5, 2010

The Big Post of Jack Rose Bootlegs

One year ago today Jack Rose left this world.  This is the first of a series of posts paying tribute to Rose and his music. 

Today is all music.

The first five of these are new to this site.

The rest has been posted here before but are now collected all into one post. 

Hope you enjoy, raise a toast to the memory of Jack Rose.

Thanks to Ghost-Capital for this one.

1 Teoc 2:57
2 Gage Blues 3:11
3 Old Country Rock (Bill Moore) 1:51
4 Buckdancer's Choice (Sam Mcgee) 2:23
5 Knoxville Blues (Sam Mcgee) 3:29
6 Flirtin' With The Undertaker 3:05

(17th Nov, 2004)
01 Tex 13:33
02 Dark was the Night, Cold was the Ground 4:07

Great set of 12 string and lap style!

01 Cathedral Et Chartres
03 Sun King Rag
04 Now That I'm a Man Full Grown II
05 Flirtin' with the Undertaker
06 Rappahanock River Ragg

Kensington Blues
St. Louis Blues
Sun Dogs
Black Pearls

Jack Rose
Brickbat Books
Philadelphia PA July 10 2009
Personnel on this one is Nathan Bowles on washboards and banjo throughout, Harmonica Dan joins on a few tracks, and Glenn Jones joins in on the last two tracks.
01 Kensington Blues / Blessed Be the Name of the Lord / Luck in the Valley
02 ?
03 Soft Steel Piston
04 Woodpiles on the Side of the Road
05 Walkin' Blues
06 St. Louis Blues
07 Special Rider
08 When Tailgate Drops, The Bullshit Stops
09 Linden Avenue Stomp / Moon in the Gutter
10 Moon in the Gutter [continued]
Get it HERE

Jack Rose
"Dr Ragtime & His Opium Jass Hounds"
Brickbat Books
Philadelphia PA Feb 27 2009

01 Sunflower River Blues
02 Kensington Blues
03 Calais to Dover / The World Has Let Me Down
04 The World Has Let Me Down [continued]
05 Dusty Grass
06 When Tailgate Drops, The Bullshit Stops
07 Linden Avenue Stomp
08 St. Louis Blues
09 Walkin' Blues
10 Special Rider
11 Fishtown Flower
12 ?
13 Luck in the Valley
Get it HERE

September 4, 2009Night Light Chapel Hill
recorded by threelobed
1. -intro-2. Everybody Ought To Pray Sometime3. -4. Sail Away Ladies5. Kensington Blues6. Luck In The Valley7. Soft Steel Piston8. Some Happy Day9. Hand Me Down My Walking Cane10. Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord11. Knoxville Blues12. Revolt13. Special Rider14. Goodbye Booze

The Black Twig Pickers & Jack Rose
Now Music & Fashion, Alexandria, VA, USA March 7, 2003
The Black Twig Pickers
01 Old Plank Road  02 Nine-Pound Hammer 03 ?04 ? 05 Going Down the Road  06 Handsome Molly  07 31 Week Blues  08 Sittin' on Top of the World  09 Worried Blues  10 Once I Had a Fortune  11 Where'd You Get Your Whiskey?
36 minutes.

Jack Rose
01 [tuning]02 Flirtin' With the Undertaker  03 Whiskey Before Breakfast  04 Mississippi Sawyer 05 Black Pearls06 Buckdancer's Choice / Nobody's Business
26 minutes.

thanks to for this one

London, 12th March 2008

01 intro (00:29)
02 Linden Avenue Stomp (04:14)
03 Miss Mary's Place (02:55)
04 Bells/Gage Blues/St. Louis Blues (10:08)
05 Revolt (03:14)
06 Levee (04:15)
07 Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord/Kensington Blues/? (10:49)
08 tuning (01:24)
09 Fishtown Flower (03:01)
10 Dusty Grass (05:43)
11 Flirtin' With The Undertaker (03:07)
12 Buckdancer's Choice (03:26)
total 52:44

Cafe Oto, London
3rd November 2009

Jack Rose
Nathan Bowles
Mike Gangloff

01 [intro/tuning]
02 Bright Sunny South
03 Little Sadie
04 Revolt
05 Soft Steel Piston
06 All Over the Floor
07 Luck in the Valley
08 Blessed Be the Name of the Lord
09 Kensington Blues
10 Sail Away Ladies
11 Buckdancer's Choice
12 Hand Me Down My Walking Cane
13 Special Rider
14 Some Happy Day
15 Everybody Ought to Pray Sometime
16 [drink break/encore]
17 Lick Mountain Ramble
total 70:39

The owner of Three Lobed Recordings made this available.

01 Kensington Blues
02 Blessed Be the Name of the Lord
03 Cross the North Fork
04 Rappahannock River Rag
05 St. Louis Blues
06 Gage Blues
07 Miss May's Place
08 Linden Avenue Stomp / Now That I'm a Man Full Grown II (false start)
09 Now That I'm a Man Full Grown II

Jack Rose is clearly one of the most successful musicians of the many that John Fahey has influenced.  Musically, Rose is a success! He has taken Fahey's music and launched it into the realm of technical virtuoso. He plays American Primitive on the 12 string with an obvious nod to Fahey, but he steps out into space as well. Playing long, intricate pieces that no doubt challenge him as much as they do the listener.
This is a radio broadcast.
Tracks 2-4 are Found on the Kensington Blues release, 5 & 6 can be found on the Dr. Ragtime & Pals release.
Here is the info received with the files. I made some spelling corrections to the titles.

January 16, 2007

DeSmet studio's
Amsterdam, Holland.
Broadcast: February 1, 2007
Dwars, Concertzender
The Netherlands
01 Intro
02 Kensington Blues
03 Cross the North Fork
04 Rappahanock River Rag
05 Dusty Grass
06 Miss May's Place
07 Closing

Buy his music here: vhf recordsthrill jockeythree lobed


  1. thanks for posting the brickbat show!
    the 2nd track was actually the original 'woodpiles on the side of the road' before jack gave that title to the song that would bear its title on track 4 here and on the 'luck in the valley' lp. we played it here and a few other times but he abandoned it soon after. a shame, it's a moody piece...

  2. @ Nathan
    Ah! Mystery solved! Thanks Nathan.

  3. can't thank you enough for this.

  4. Hi,
    Could you please re up the windmill 12th march
    2008 show.I was there and only just stumbled on your blog.I`d love a copy.Cheers.

  5. Working on it right now my friend. Enjoy.
    Wish i could have seen Rose.

  6. Thank you Sir for the re up.Much appreciated.It was a great experience seeing Jack and the recording will bring back some great memories.
    Thank you very much.

  7. Loads of thanks for the uploads!

  8. Thanks man, because of you jack lives!

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    Thanks for compiling all of this by the way

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  13. Thanks very much for all the great stuff!