December 29, 2008

Vicki Taylor - Out of the Blue

Vicki has long been considered one of Colorado's preeminent blues women. She is a consummate musician, proficient on guitar, piano, and fiddle, as well as a gifted vocalist and songwriter. She was a longtime member of The Mother Folkers (with Mollie O'Brien and Mary Flower), and has also toured with various bands, performing blues, country, bluegrass and jazz.
She has released two CD's, featuring blues songs in the Delta and New Orleans styles. Her last CD. “Out of the Blue”, was composed of all original blues, and jazz material.
Vicki has been a music instructor all of her life and teaches all acoustic guitar styles with an emphasis on fingerstyle blues, slide, folk, swing, bossa nova, acoustic rock, and bluegrass. On piano she teaches blues and jazz with a theory and chord based approach.
I have taken lessons from Vicki and and if you want to learn some slide guitar you should look for her in the Denver area. I believe she is still teaching at Swallow Hill.


  1. so, does this mean that you live in colorado? i'm from boulder myself.

  2. Yep! I live rather close to Boulder these days.

  3. awesome! we should meet and jam when i get back in may

  4. great site!! Thanks for the eclectic muzik! Gotta love it!

    -the doc-

  5. Haha, Pirate, you might regret that! I know 3 chords and have bad meter!

  6. hey, i just started 3 years ago. before that the best i could do was play washboard in a jug band...

    but some of the best songs of all time just have 3 chords, ya know.