September 6, 2012

George Cromarty - Wind in the Heather

Ok, so it's like a game of click through all the links, but really, gotta give the credit where it is due, so click on through.  Bookmark TYWILC and the Doom & Gloom From the Tomb site for all kinds of good stuff.
This one is a gem.  I don't remember this one from when it came out.  So cool to see this bump in respect for the efforts of the Windham Hill folks from so long ago.

Go HERE, follow the links...enjoy.



  1. Hiowdy! George is one of the guitarists I grew up listening to...his first album is a true classic...
    and...he was one of the writers of "Plastic Jesus" from the soundtrack of "Cool Hand Luke"...!!!

    Cheers! Ralph.

  2. I had this record, I really like track two. Thanks for posting the digital release!! I am way behind on everything but I've seen a lot of good posts on your blog that I need to delve through!!

  3. I've got this LP - it's a good one, and much easier to find than his earlier two LP's (also excellent)...