October 22, 2010

Shane Speal - The Jug Fusion Sessions

Frankly I thought this would be a lot more raw, hill country style playing.  However, there is some good stuff here and I have to give Speal a lot of credit for throwing even the kitchen sink into this.  There's straight-ahead rock, there's kazoo, solo instrumental to full bands, swing pieces, Eastern influences.

I've always wanted to build one of these guitars.  Speal has a great site full of plans and forums and all kinds of tips on building anything from the simple to the advanced.  And it doesn't stop with guitars, there's violins, lap steels, banjos and ukes too.

Go here to download the free album: Shane Speal - The Jug Fusion Sessions


  1. Good on ya for spreadin the word - Visit the site above and let the CBG bug get ya as well

  2. Thanks for the kind words! I had planned on removing the download (it was supposed to be a limited time thing, but I got busy and forgot). Since you've blogged it, I'll leave it up a little while longer for everyone to enjoy.

    Shane Speal
    ps. I'll be playing live at Speal's Tavern in New Alexandria on Oct. 30. We're unveiling the Cigar Box Guitar Museum that night! http://www.spealstavern.com

  3. Hi Shane!
    Thanks for leaving the free mp3 up for a while longer. The readers are enjoying it, I'm sure. It's the number one link right now.
    Keep it rockin' man, love your stuff and your site is great!