October 27, 2010

Yair Yona - Official Bootleg #1

Yair Yona has released "Official Bootleg #1" on his BandCamp page and I for one, am delighted that he is indicating that it will be the first of more to come.  Two reasons; I get to hear some of his material from the "Remember" release in a solo setting and I get to hear him live.  A nice bonus since I'm not travelling to Israel anytime soon!  Here's the official description.
"Official Bootleg is a set of recorded live shows that is given for a free download. You can also purchase it for any price you think is right"
This is a solid eight cut performance with four cuts from the afore mentioned "Remember" release and four other songs that make this set very desirable for a Yona fan.  First there is the excellent performance of "It's Not The Heat (It's The Humidity)" that I believe is slated for the second release.  In addition there is a 12-string nod to Glenn Jones and the alternately frantic and sweet "Mad About You" and rounding out the set is a lovely version of the classic Angie.

Visit Yair Yona's BandCamp page.  You won't regret it.

Did I mention it's free?

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