October 7, 2010

John-Alex Mason & the Jook Joint Thunderclap

I think I first saw John-Alex Mason playing solo reso guitar in a coffee shop in a suburb of Denver.  I had no idea who he was, but I was signing up for the email list and filling the tip jar in no time.  This cat can play the blues.  He has since expanded the performance to a Richard Johnston style of playing, the one-man-band with floor mounted drums.  And this latest development!  This is a great sounding project with some great musicians: Cedric Burnside and Lightnin' Malcolm, Denver's own  Lionel Young and Gerry Hundt (who plays mandolin blues, love it!) and Cody Burnside adding some interesting aspects to this body of work. Put them all together for the Jook Joint Thunderclap!!!
Check it out in the player!!!

<a href="http://j-am.bandcamp.com/album/jook-joint-thunderclap">Jook Joint Thunderclap by John-Alex Mason</a>

So John-Alex Mason is running an interesting sort of campaign here, this project needs some funding to get off the ground.  Click HERE to find out more.  And if you liked the stuff you hear, you must visit his KICKSTARTER page to see how you can help.  The project needs  funding and there's a deadline.
Check it out!!!  If the project doesn't fund, you owe nothing.  I'm in, are you?

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