October 18, 2010

Big Lazy

If you are a fan of surf guitar, twang noir, crime jazz or whatever other tag you try to slap on these guys...you need to check this out.  These guys have been around a plenty long time but I want to put up a post because they are SO DAMN good!!!

This is a trio of electric guitar, stand-up bass and drums.  The guitarist generally plays in a very tremolo and/or reverb drenched tone and has a sense of timing that is exquisite!  In a matter of a few bars of a song he has the notes rolling of the guitar smooth and sweet and with that one note left, that one note you know needs to be played to finish up, he leaves you hanging just the right amount of time.  It's also not unusual for said guitarist, Stephen Ulrich to drag the time just a tad and it is just so perfect.

Check out Curb Urchin to see what I mean.

Ain't that just great?

Go to their MySpace to hear more.

Go to their site to buy.

This Youtube video has Curb Urchin at about the 4 minute mark. Great song!

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  1. Thanks for this post and turning me onto Curb Urchin. I'm a big fan of surf guitar and the blues. I've never heard of these guys before. Apreciate it, and you have a great blog here.