June 10, 2010

Quonset - Excursions in the Career of Ragtime Ralph

Ragtime Ralph recently sent me a recording of one of his other musical efforts.  Quonset was a bass/scrap metal percussion duo based on Savage Republic.

Here's what Ralph said about this recording. 
Quonset is my personal favorite of anything I've done: acoustic or electric...it's me on 3 string drone bass and Ed Frey on drums and scrap metal percussion...similar to very early Savage Republic...in fact we do a Savage Republic cover (Exodus)...performing rights graciously worked out with Savage Republics lawyer before release...and all it cost me were 6 copies of the CD!  I'm planning on re-releasing this CD (with extra cuts) on Empty Square at some point in the future.
So this obviously is not the kind of stuff I normally post but since Ralph's music has been prominent in this blog I think it is relevant to present his other work.  I think it is one of those things that remind me that all of us are very multi-faceted individuals and it is easy to form perceptions about artists when you know them for only one aspect of their artistry. 

I know there is a strong connection between the American Primitive audience and the experimental genres.  So many of you may find this interesting.  I hope so.  

Thanks again Ralph!

Download Quonset



  1. Scott...HIOWDY!!! I was surprised as hell to see the Quonset CD mentioned in the "Slider"! I'm still trying to overcome a sort of homesickness after leaving my 20 year comfort zone of White Rock at the beginning of this month...but seeing Cheers! Ralph.

  2. Scott...my comment made little sense as most of it seemed to disappear after I posted it! What happened? Ralph.

  3. Stupid internet! Sorry Ralph, I don't see a trace of it. It's lost in a black hole...

  4. Scott...hiowdy!!! As I was saying...bring on more William Ackerman! I've never heard him live so the concert footage was a blast...although his "Bug" song reminds me more of "Poor Boy Long Ways From Home" than "Last Steam Engine Train"...Windham Hill turned me down years ago when I sent them a decidedly primitive, fumbling but enthusiastic demo...it was a definite honor to be turned down by one of the best guitarists out there...Cheers! Ralph...
    PS...the new look of the Delta Slider...I love it!...at first I thought I'd "stumbled onto a rival project" (to quote a line from my fave British sci-fi movie from the '50s: "Quatermass 2")...onward and upward...eh, wat?!