June 1, 2010

Terry Robb - "Muddy Vishnu"

Robb & Salgado
Well folks, I've been off on vacation and I've turned into a real slacker.  So to get myself back into the swing here's a post that isn't going to tax me much! 

The Oregon Music News has story about Robb's new CD that he is shopping around.  So there is no knowing when it will be out.


They have two tracks from that unreleased work posted in the article.

It's primarily an electric effort but it is also mostly instrumental. 

Curtis Salgado is mentioned in the article...so...you all ought to Hit it 'n Quit It right now because this is a limited time d/l. 

FYI - While searching Amazon UK for this title they asked me, "Did you mean: Hit it 'n Quilt it?"  Quilt it?  Seriously, what is going on over there?  That is just sick!


  1. ha ha ha ha ha good one

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  3. Well it's always easy to take shots at people when you can be anonymous, isn't it..."mate?"
    Why don't you go grind your axe somewhere else.