February 27, 2019

Blind Brand X and Dixie X Live at Groundswell Cafe

Ralph Johnston aka Blind Brand X

Vancouver, BC, Canada, April 13th, 2016

Peter Gunn variations

A little humor my dear Zilkov, always with a little humor / The internationally renowned Takoma Park, Maryland academy of Taoist tap dancing rag

Delta slider blues

Ghost train to Valhalla

The January 2015 american primitive guitar tour of Spokane, Portland and Seattle rag

The Fonotone waltz

Peavine blues

Has anybody seen my ghoul?

A tearful Stephen King carries the body of the recently deceased clayton peacock to a pet semetary just down the road

Rags don’t rattle rag


Hi all, here's a great set by Ralph Johnston from way back in 2016. Huge thanks to Alex for recording this show. I had the pleasure of meeting Alex and Ralph at the 1000 Incarnations of the Rose fest last year and I'm so glad. Great guys!!

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  1. Thank you sir!!! The pleasure is all mine!!! It was a memorable meeting for me as well!!! Cheers!!!
    Ralph (BBX)...