April 22, 2018

The Thousand Incarnations of the Rose Festival

Hi all,

Well I went to the Festival and had a great time. Got to see some amazing musicians and got to meet so many people that I've known of, heard of, talked to online, been 'friends' of on social media, listened to their music, etc. Such a small community and such a great opportunity to meet a bunch of really nice people. Despite 3 days of festivities I still didn't get to talk to everyone, nonetheless, the ones I did were great. Hoping for a second festival to catch up with the rest of you all.

I got a lot of really nice comments about the blog, it was nice to hear. I have missed it and you've inspired me to spin it up again. I don't know what that will look like yet, need to find a file storage solution that I'm comfortable with. It may stray even further from the controversial American Primitive moniker. As has been the case of the last couple years, I don't see myself doing a lot of writing (just yet), so if you are interested in a contribution to the site (music reviews, essays on the American Primitive label debate, whatever...) just let me know.



  1. For suggestions for serving files, check out HowToGeek. I believe you can send them 'how to do it' questions.

  2. Would really liked to have met you in person at 1000 Incarnations, Scott. Scheduling of so many small concerts in various venues kept us all hopping, and I missed a couple that I really wanted to hear (Lloyd Thayer, Danny Paul Grody....) because of conflicts. It was a real treat to chat with Max Ochs, Peter Walker, Glenn Jones, Joseph Allred, and the one-man tornado organizer Jesse Sheppard

    glad to hear you're firing up the blog again

    1. Hi Rich, ditto, I was hoping a lot too, and missed more than a few that I wanted to connect with. Nonetheless, I did see your set and I really enjoyed it!