April 28, 2018

John Fahey - Salem Art Fair & Festival – Main Stage - Salem, OR - July 17, 1999

John Fahey

Salem Art Fair & Festival – Main Stage

Salem, OR 

July 17, 1999

Death Don’t Have No Mercy/(Unknown)



How Long (bathed in echo)…


“Latin American Section”/Dorothy…(Fahey Thanks His Dentist)

(Unknown Blues/Ragtime Tune!!)

Great quality recording of electric Fahey. I haven't posted this one before, so maybe you don't have this one. I don't recall seeing out there in circulation in the past few years, so get it!

Supplied by the inestimable MTW, thank you! Get it HERE

Folks, it looks like the ole blog is up and running again. It's not like I'm in control here, the spirit of Fahey pushes me around like a pawn. If you are enjoying these new boots, let me know!


  1. Thanks a lot I and am sure We appreciate it!!

  2. Thanks, Scott! Glad you're back at it!

  3. thank you! definitely digging the new boots.

  4. Thanks for the share. Love me some Fahey!

  5. Muchas gracias! Let the spirit move you. The Koonaklaster works in mysterious ways.