January 10, 2015

An Evening of American Primitive Guitar featuring Glenn Jones, RC Johnston, and Ryan Leaf

The Bing

This excellent poster will be for sale at the shows.

And yet another Evening of American Primitive Guitar!!!!!

Glenn Jones
RC Johnston
Ryan Leaf
   Portland show TBA!


  1. Scott...hiowdy!!! The tour with Glenn and Ryan was a gas!!! I joked one night that the tour was actually American and Canadian primates playing guitar rather than American Primitive Guitar...most of the songs I played will be on my next project "Delta Slider Blues", which I hope to have out by summer...I attempt some blues, ragtime, Hawaiian, Brazillian flavored themes as well as some obscure influences such as the Sex Pistols and Ramones...!!! Cheers!!! Ralph.

    1. Hey Ralph! Glad the tour went well. I hear Ryan may have some footage, that would be great to see some day. Can't wait for that next project, good name, hahaha!