February 22, 2014

John Fahey live at Rum Doodle's

John Fahey
Rum Doodle's
Madison, WI

Download HERE

Update: now uploaded in glorious FLAC format

Welcome once again to Fahey Week.  Thanks for stopping by friend.  We will kick the week off with a nice bootleg courtesy of Damian.  A contributor last year as well, it's great to have him adding to the collection of music here at Delta-Slider.  If you take a d/l, leave a thank you in the comments!



  1. Lovely, thank you Scott and Damian. Great to see you back, by the way. Looking forward to giving this a proper listen. From a quick skim the sound is very acceptable and it's great to have some of the Christmas material live. Nice one Damian!

  2. Thanks! What a wonderful institution Fahey week is, and I love the site.

  3. Replies
    1. As always, thanks for the link, you are Mr. Traffic!

  4. Love Fahey bootlegs. Love Fahey Week. Thanks Damian and Scott!

  5. Hiowdy! Weird! I'm never able to download any of this stuff!!! Suggestions???!!!

    Cheers! Ralph.

    1. I dunno Ralph, I've always had good luck making friends with the IT guy at work. He helps me out, have you got an IT guy at work out on that boat?

  6. Just found your site, it is great! thank you for taking the time to share all this Fahey material!

  7. Thanks for this gem and another Fahey week! I saw this show on Traders' Den, but the torrent is dead, and no one seems to want to re-seed it. You must have read my mind, as I was just about to ask you, if you have this.
    Rank Stranger