February 8, 2012

Yair Yona - World Behind Curtains

It usually takes me a couple times to process a new collection of music.  I like to let it sit on the aural palate for a bit to get a handle on it.  Yair Yona's sophomore effort, World Behind Curtains is no different.  My emerging feeling was that this was a movie soundtrack.  But after a listen or two that didn't seem quite right.  Sure, it's cinematic, sweeping and gorgeous.  But there's more.

The opening track was speaking to me like an overture of life.  It sounds like a journey.  And the opening piece struck me as a composite of life, everything is humming along nicely and suddenly reality comes barging in.  No matter, Yona keeps pickin' and grinin' because like all of us, what choice do we have?

As I continued to listen to this effort I couldn't help but feel that each piece was emblematic of the stages of life we all go through.  A fascinating journey populated by Yona's unique and inventive arrangement of instruments ranging from string quartets to bouzouki to electric guitar.  And all of this nicely anchored by his influences.

Yona likes to get his heroes, his influences, all right out in the open.  His first release had a song paying tribute to John Fahey.  In this release Glenn Jones and Leo Kottke both get mentions in song titles.

This release is no surprise when you listen to Skinny Fists and Russian Dance form his first release, Remember. Should have seen this coming.  But who knew he would be so fantastically good at it?

Everyone interested in the American Primitive genre needs to sit up and take notice of this release.  This is a beautiful effort and frankly there is nothing primitive about it.  The music is mature, confident and, thankfully as fresh as anything in the realm of this style to be found out there!

World Behind Curtains hits the streets Feb. 14th.

Pre-order now, also listen to streaming...oh and limited edition vinyl!

Strange Attractors Audio House

Yair Yona

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