July 9, 2009

Hill Country Revue - Make A Move

Folks, if you like the Alice Mae, free mp3 below, if you like the North Mississippi Allstars, if you like boogie, good-time, shake-your-ass music...you will drink muddy water and sleep in a hollow log to hear this music.

Change is good. Just ask the North Mississippi Allstars. Brothers Luther and Cody Dickinson and long-time friend Chris Chew have spent their entire adult lives playing together. For them, change is good for the soul and the cortex. That’s why Luther is working with the Black Crowes, and Cody and Chris have launched a new group, Hill Country Revue, whose first album, Make a Move, arrives from Razor &Tie on May 12th.

“The North Mississippi Allstars haven’t broken up,” Cody Dickinson says. “We’re just off doing different things. Hill Country Revue, for Chris and me, is like a big jolt of adrenaline. It changes our blood chemistry and has us firing on a whole different set of synapses. Also the input from the other guys in the band, both as musicians and friends, is amazing. So everybody gains!”

Cody and Chris began shaking things up in February 2008 when they started trying out new material – much of it written by their friend Garry Burnside, the youngest son of legendary Mississippi bluesman R.L. Burnside – and working with Memphis-based slide guitarist Kirk Smithhart; vocalist and harp player Daniel Robert Colburn, formerly of Dixie Hustler; and drummer Edward Cleveland, nicknamed “Hot” for his performances around Memphis.

R.L.’s son Garry, the youngest of 14 brothers and sisters, did yeoman work writing the new songs on Make a Move and is a guest guitarist, along with Duwayne Burnside, Luther Dickinson and vocalist Aaron Julison. “There’s a simplicity to these blues-based songs,” Cody says, “but when we perform them they turn into Southern rock with a raw, sexual energy.”

The band and their friends recorded the 10-track, 45-minute Make a Move at Jim Dickinson’s famed Zebra Ranch Studio, as well as at Young Avenue Sound in Memphis, with Cody in the producer’s chair and father Jim acting as “director.”

As bandleader, Cody is also excited to be switching roles, moving from the drum-seat with the Allstars to playing guitar and singing with the Revue. “I’m a multi-instrumentalist, and just playing drums all the time had been holding me back. This was my opportunity to put my band together.”

Cody sees Hill Country Revue as the North Mississippi Allstars’ “rowdy, misbehaving brother, and I’m not saying that because I’m Luther’s younger brother. I see the Revue as an extension of the Allstars. It’s definitely not a side project. We’ve all put our hearts into this band.”

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