July 11, 2009

C. Joynes - Live @ Cafe Oto, London

C Joynes
Cafe Oto, London
20th March 2009

Woohoo! More C. Joynes!

This is a recent live show, thanks to the taper for posting this out on the internets. Some of this material is from the previously posted "studio" album. I've tried to id the songs but I don't know them all. This is about a 30 minute set.

For the gear geeks: core sound cardioids>fel preamp>zoom h2>48khz 24bit>usb>audience levels cut & resampling to 44/16 in Audition>splitting in CD Wave>TLH flac level 8
and then I did the unthinkable and converted to mp3, so sue me.

set list

01 Spoken Intro (00:34)
02 Limehouse (03:09)
03 Voice of Rita Mae (01:50)
04 Happy & Delightful?? (02:31)
05 Adieu My Own Sweet Nancy (08:36)
06 West Cavaliers (02:59)
07 (02:42)
08 gospel tune (04:03)
09 (02:39)

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