January 7, 2009

Eric Lugosch - Let the lesson begin...

Duck Baker digs Eric Lugosch, so you better take notice!
I first heard of this guy when I saw him in Acoustic Guitar magazine, the Oct 2005 issue. He was teaching a song called Marching Through Georgia. An example of the song was available online and I loved it the minute I heard it. Here it is:

Now ain't that some fine pickin'?

Get the tab HERE

Eventually working my way to his website I found a plethora of original, interestingly arranged tab with fast and slow examples as well as good tips on how to play each song.
I also found this fingerpicking version of 16 Tons. Pretty cool little song to pick, I must say...and frankly a lot easier than the Marching song. Here it is:

Get the tab for Sixteen Tons HERE as well as plenty of others is on his site, HERE

His home page is HERE

Now I know there is a ton of tab on the web, but I think you will probably find something good here that you will want to learn. He has got stuff from John Hurt to the Beatles and Hank to Dvorak. Also, the tab is very nicely done with a good program, none of this hand scribbled stuff or text files. Everything is free and d/l-able on PDF.

So don't forget to check out his CDs for sale as well as a tab book.

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  1. he's a great player. maybe i'll learn something from him.

    oh, and i'd like to invite you to join The Blues Club forum. blues collectors from around the world, thousands of albums online, many of them rare.

    email me if you're interested.