January 25, 2009

Bop Street - aka The Jinns

In 1981 Pete Nalty and brother Brian Formed Bop Street. Pete is a talented singer, songwriter and keyboardist, the combo stood out from the new-wave-influenced groups that were popular then by championing a style that harked back to the rock and roll and rockabilly of the Fifties.

The sound was nostalgic for some, but Pete's sweet vocals and Brian's persuasive riffing also made it as musically immediate as anything offered up by their contemporaries. Crowds flocked to club dates starring the performers, and promoters hired them to open for national acts such as Billy Idol, who personally chose Bop Street to appear with him during an appearance at Red Rocks.

This is a 20 year old cassette tape recording of the original LP. No artwork, I never owned the LP, a friend taped it for me back in the late Eighties when it was already out of print and hard to find. If you liked the Jinns post you will like this one too, the style isn't really that different as Pete was the writer and he and Brian the major artistic force in both groups.
Hope you enjoy.
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  1. I spent my twenties dancing to them every week. The best! DaleLynn Gardner