February 26, 2017

Yet another poem by Ralph Johnston

Haven't seen the guys that look like Fahey and Bussard for awhile now...hope they're alright...

A Poem...

Listening to Weaver and Beasley
That ol' music sure does please me
Charlie Patton and Bukka White
Hearing them makes me feel alright

Mississippi John's now long gone
Spike Driver's Blues from dusk to dawn
Hate that train, Frank Hutchison's muse
And Sam McGee's Knoxville Blues

Fahey and the Takoma crew
Kottke, Lang and Basho too
Turned the guitar world around
Brand new music, old time sounds

I don't listen much these days
Guess I'm stuck in my old ways
But sometimes I hear sounds
That make my feet and brain dance 'round

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