May 24, 2014

Big Lazy Kickstarter

I recently supported this NYC instrumental trio and I think you should give them a listen. Only a couple days left in the campaign and not quite there yet.

Really cool twang that I enjoy.

It's twang-tastic.

It's reverb-a-licious.

Stark,  naked and honest.

It's roots and rock.

Big Lazy home page

Kickstarter link


  1. hi slider - thanks for advertising kickstarter for big lazy - i donated and am looking forward to their new album - cheers mate

  2. Hi Scott. Stephan Ulrich seemed pretty stoked that someone from Australia got on board,would love to have them play at home if ever they make it out this way, love their music. Thanks for your blog also, some good intros to acts like Jack Rose & Black Twig Pickers, some of their live recordings together were awesome - cheers mate, Brian