April 30, 2012

Jack Rose & John Fahey TAB

Just a post of a mish-mash of TABs today.  More from Paul, thank you sir! And some others I found here and there.

First is the excellent little tune Flirtin' With the Undertaker from Jack Rose's Kensington Blues.

Download Flirtin' With the Undertaker

And here we have West Coast Blues, John Fahey's version.  I've got two of these so I'll post them both.  The text one is from Nicolas on the AG forum thank you sir!  I can't recall where I got the other one so if it's yours give a shout so I can give you some credit.

Download West Coast Blues txt

Download West Coast Blues pdf


  1. Was really hoping to learn Fahey's version of West Coast Blues but the links aren't working for me. Maybe repost or send to me directly please?

  2. Hi, thanks for a great site,
    I have noticed that the above tab links are faulty, I get this message.
    "Cannot connect to the rep database because: Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication packet', system error: 111"

    1. Delta-Slider has re-upped: Jack Rose & John Fahey TAB

  3. Do you happen to know the tuning for West Coast Blues ?