February 17, 2013

Listen Hear! - Fingerpicking

Listen Hear! is a periodic (probably irregular) feature covering what I'm listening to these days.  Feel free to comment and let me know what you are listening to these days.

Here's a few of the new CDs I've been spinning lately.  At least...fairly new.  I don't always get stuff right away, but that's ok!

Michael DeLalla is a local guitarist.  You can visit his site, Falling Mountain Music.  Looks like he is working on a new tour.  He does tour pretty regularly and I would suggest you go see him, very entertaining.  His new CD, this is how i disappear is available at his site or CDbaby.

I'm so glad to see Mike Fekete put out another album.  I love his playing and his compositions.  Great to see his piece, "The Sacred Monster Blues" committed to this new effort.  I've heard it live a time or two, good stuff.  Check out Dakota Territory Blues at  mikefekete.com.

Ah, and then I have a duo of Tompkins Square releases.  TS has been busy lately and I'm behind on releases.  But these are the two that are spinning furiously in the player at the moment   And furious might be an apt description of some of the playing here!  Imaginational Anthem hits a surprising volume #5!  Who'd a thunk it?  It's not quite the line-up of newbies and unknowns that we were treated to in the initial IA.  But then isn't that to be expected by Vol. five?  Bill Orcutt gets the best song title award for "John Fahey Commemorative Beer Can."

Rounding out the duo is Daniel Bachman's Seven Pines.  Bachman is touring like a madman, even making two stops here in Colorado to my surprise, very exciting!!  So dig up his schedule and watch for him.  You can get the TS releases at http://www.tompkinssquare.com and widely at your favorite shop.

That's it for now.  I plan on this being a regular feature and I hope you dig it!


  1. thanks for the reviews, please do make this a regular feature. I've not come across Michael DeLalla before, very nice to hear.
    My fave rave of the moment is a new discovery for me but far from a new release: Perry Lederman, a CD called "This World Is Not my Home" produced in the last months of his life. The playing is really fantastic I think would appeal to you (see http://elijahwald.com/music.html). His tone is so beautiful, and the texture of his playing, his vibrato and bends are all so nuanced. His takes on Staggerlee and Living in the Country are particularly beguiling, but so are his own compositions.
    Cheers, Jeremy

  2. Speaking of Tompkins Square, have you heard the Lena Hughes reissue? I have it on order at our local shop and am looking forward to hearing it.

  3. good stuff! keep on bloggin. which bachman show are you going to? we should have a beer before or after one of 'em!

    1. Definitely should get a beer. I'll probably be going to the Ft Collins show.