April 25, 2011

Anonymeye - I Am Feeling Very Olympic Today

Review by Andrew Stranglen

Loops, drones, and more loops, synthesizer, acoustic guitar, and possibly a Harmonium or Shruti Box as well, briefly sums up what Anonymeye is all about. These four live performances are precisely irrepeatable, but repeatable in their essence. That is the roundabout way of saying they won’t sound exactly the same way with each execution. But this is the nature of this kind of improvisational work. Fans of Jim O’Rourke’s solo work will definitely like what Anonymeye is doing with guitar music. At times Faheyesque, but also going beyond what John Fahey ever did in this vein; Anonymeye is certainly carving new territory with the CD “I Am Feeling Very Olympic Today.” There are Synthesizers laying down loops on top of which guitar is also played and looped.
It almost sounds as if the whole thing could be done with a Line 6 (DL4) digital delay, or a couple of Delay/sampler pedals.
In the first video below Andrew uses a synthesizer, guitar, and apparently a laptop for loop manipulations.

See him (Andrew Tuttle) at work here

An interview here

This may be challenging listening for some, but I found the experience rewarding. It’s also similar to some of the things I have done, and therefore piques my interest. Give Andrew Tuttle/Anonymeye a chance, you might just like it!
I’d give this effort a solid 4 out of five stars!
Andrew Stranglen

Anonymeye on Bandcamp

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  1. Andrew, Thanks for the post. Well worth a listen. Checkout http://newweirdaustralia.com for some more context to the eclectic & experimental Australian music scene. Fahey would have loved it...