November 8, 2010

Imaginational Anthem Vol 4 - Tompkins Square

I think the most important function of a compilation CD is to introduce us to new artists. I’ve come to count on that in fact. I will often give a compilation a chance if there is one artist on it that I recognize, with the hope that the others will pan out.
IA4 does not disappoint. I’m already familiar with roughly half of the gentlemen on this release. But the other half are unknown to me or I’ve heard them mentioned around but haven’t hunted them down yet. So a compilation is always a great way to get me motivated to search out the new sounds presented to me.

This week Delta-Slider will feature interviews with three of the guitarists on the IA4 release, Aaron Sheppard, Pat O’Connell and Mike Fekete.

The excellent radio show, Sideways Through Sound will feature the IA4 release this week.  A happy coincidence.  It's an Australian show but it streams online and you can d/l the shows too, so check it out.

Here are some links to the artists of IA4
Chris Forsyth
William Tyler has this excellent release, The Paper Hats
Sam Moss has a lot of releases that you should be listening too!
Nick Jonah Davis has a fantastic release that appears to only be available on eMusic.
Pat O'Connell on CDbaby!
Tyler Ramsey
Micah Blue Smaldone will be touring with Cian Nugent soon! 
Mike Fekete on CDbaby!
Aaron Sheppard on MySpace
C Joynes on Myspace

Buy the CD at Tompkins Square, or get the vinyl while they last.

The interviews start tomorrow so stick around!

And one more thing,  leave a comment on this post or any of the posts this week for a chance to win a copy of the IA4 CD.  I'll pick the best comment on Friday.


  1. I've got this on LP...I was initially a little disappointed that there were none of the older guys on it as per volumes 1-3. However that concern was quickly squashed as it is an excellent album.

    Although I had heard of some of the artists before, C Joynes is the only one I have albums from. I will be checking out the guys stuff for sure!

  2. Roses are red, violets are blue
    I hope I get this cd via you,
    and if I do..
    heres what I'll do:

    I'll play it for me,
    my daughter and wife
    in my car and truck &
    and for all of my life

    Echoes of Thompkins
    ringing down the street
    coming from my headphones
    as my feet touch concrete

    Walking to the store
    to buy IA4
    I thought I had won,
    but alas, I dreamed this folklore

    So once again I support IA4,
    but hope Santa/ or the postman
    knocks on my door,
    and says: Ryan you won :)

  3. Really looking forward to these interviews!

    I don't want to be in the running to win the CD, I've already got it... it should probably go to Ryan for his great poem!