March 23, 2010

Blind Brand X and Dixie X - Wreck of the Ol' 78

Somewhat appropriate that Ralph, er BBX and Dixie X put a locomotive on the cover of his latest release, his 7th since the summer of 2008.  He's a runaway train and let's hope he keeps the fires of creativity stoked and hot!
Track List
 1. Bottleneck Blues
 2. Train That Carried My Girl From Town
 3. Poor Boy
 4. Texas Rag Blues
 5. Pocketknife Medley:
    Baby Please Don't Go
    Hard Time Killin' Floor
 6. Wildwood Flower
 7. Worried Blues
 8. Twist it Babe
 9. Logan County Blues
10. Stack O' Lee
11. Charlie Patton Medley:
    High Sheriff Blues
    Banty Rooster Blues
12. Little Liza Jane
13. Knoxville Blues

BBX plays some great old blues on this release, and Frank Hutchison is featured prominently with 3 songs. 
A few of my favorites from this release are the Pocketknife Medley, Wildwood Flower, Worried Blues and Knoxville Blues.  Knoxville Blues is a favorite song of mine and I was glad to hear that BBX was going to give it his own twist and he didn't disappoint.

Get the music HERE

Download includes scans



  1. thanks for the nice words man, i couldn't have done all of it without yours and Irate Pirates help and good advice. So if you do browse sfrp, look out for me man. anyways if i find something that you might take interest in, i'll drop you a line. see ya around.

  2. thanks for this!

    the blind brand and ragtime ralph albums ive downloaded here are the nicest stuff ever!

    thanks for putting it out here.

    greets from ^^NORWAY^^

  3. @Ernst, we all help each other and I will be stopping by sfrp!

  4. Hey "Norway" good to hear from you. All kudos go to Ralph for his free music philosophy!

  5. Hell Yeah! This is great, always super excited when a new Blind Brand X/Ragtime Ralph album is up! Thanks so much!

  6. ^^norway^^ again here> yes the philosophy of music being a free thing is great. more people should follow Ralph on that.

    very happy about this album. second listen completed soon. and thanks for the other stuff and info shared on this blog.

    I read on Wrath of the grapevine that Merlin in rags shut down because of lack of feedback from viewers. so i will try to make comments on the blogs i like from now on!

  7. glad you decided to post this one--and all the other fine RR recordings. great stuff. -6string

  8. Hiowdy y'all! Just listening to Peter Langs "Lycurgus" that song "Let the Old Boy Go" and cooking dinner (while consuming a couple of glasses of merlot!)...I'm working on the songs for my next project "Ode To Joe"...
    dedicated to Jolly Joe Bussard..King of the 78 RPM record collectors...I want to thank everyone out there for the warm reception you've given to the music I've been putting out...I only do this for the music and the folks that love this kind of music...any other reasons would not be true to why I do long as I have music in my fingers and soul I'll share that music with the world...I had an interesting encounter with 3 lawyers in a pub today...they were maundering on about...CONTROL...control of ones life blah blah blah...I realized right then that we HAVE NO CONTROL...if we had control then we would live forever...but since we are all finite beings
    ...we do not live was a rather chilling but sobering revelation...and I'd rather be concerned with helping smooth the transition from life to "afterlife" with music rather than the tumultuous alternative of self preservation through material aquisition...
    Believe me I've not got anything figured out's just a nagging feeling...Cheers! Blind Brand X and Dixie X.

  9. i a big fan of your D.I.Y attitude towards making music, and your decision to make the music available on the internet. I Also love the xerox (?) covers. Both the music and design are perfect to me. That one of the things that make me fall a little extra in love with BBX albums.

    Control over ones life is maybe impossible. If we are talking about "total control". My english is not perfect so i dont think i get the connection between control and material aquisition. But i do believe that "alot of stuff" wont buy you happiness or control in any way. Id rather go the other way. One should own only 9 things or so (is that a hindu thing?). that way you have to choose whats important. I dont know either!

    thanks for the album. Serenity comes through music, and music comes through the internet.

  10. Hiowdy y'all...sorry to get all speechified with that talk about control...I just compare myself with the guy I work for...he has more money than he knows what to do with and what he does with it is just buy more property, more Harley Davidsons...more of this, more of that...does he have any more control over things/life than I do? Who knows. I don't see anything happy about his way of living. He's always stressed out...yelling...swearing...he's already had one heart attack and we figure he's working on his next...just like earthquakes out here on the west's inevitable...sorry,but if that's what it takes to be "successful", I'd rather stay poor and happy. I can get by with what I've got...friends, shelter, food, water and...MUSIC!!!! Cheers! Blind Brand X.

  11. nice to hear from the artist himself in this way. im a big fan, and i love the "knoxville blues" and "train that carried my girl from town". Best versions yet


  12. props to Blind Brand X / Ragtime Ralph! helluvapicker he is. and thanks for passing it along, Delta Slider!

  13. Just discovered Ragtime Ralph, and this album is my joint favourite with the Fahey project...there is an authenticity here which shines through...
    Harvey Mapcase