January 14, 2010

Cam Deas European Winter Tour

Hey you people across the water!

Cam Deas is on tour

Take note!

Take time!

And go see this guy!
I'm running this a bit late, so sorry, he's on the road, NOW!!
I took this info from his newsletter, you should sign up too!
Tour Dates with Jack Allett (formerly Spoono):
Jan 13th - Oslo; Sound of Mu
Jan 14th - Gothenburg; Cafe Ana
Jan 15th - Copenhagen; Lygten Station
Jan 16th - Hamburg; TBC
Jan 17th - Prague; The Brick Bar
Jan 18th - Vienna; Celeste (Vienna Institute of Improvised Music)
Jan 19th - Stuttgart; FFUS
Jan 20th - Mainz; Walpodenakademie
Jan 21st - Krefeld; Unrock @ Kulturrampe (With Good For Cows)
Jan 22nd - Den Haag: The SCSI Cell (With Basshaters)
Jan 23rd - Tilburg; Vatican Analog
Jan 24th - Louvain La Neuve; Ferme De Biereau
Jan 25th - Gent; Villa Drashhoek
Jan 27th - Rennes; La Bascule
Jan 28th - Cherbourg; Studio Chaudelande

Ok, Cam has also restocked his supply of
My Guitar is Alive and It's Singing CDr and you should buy it, I did and it kicks ass. Yeah, really. Go to his MySpace and listen to The Waters of Kval0ya, fantastic tune.
I had it here for d/l but you really ought to support him so go check out his
MySpace page for all the details. Lot's of other cool stuff to buy too, including that ridiculously popular black stuff with grooves.
Why are you still here? Go.

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