March 17, 2020

Glenn Jones House Concert

The Glenn Jones House Concert was recorded September 2006 in or around Seattle.
I consider Glenn to be one of the torch bearers for the great guitar playing style of John Fahey. Despite what the AllMusic review of his first studio release, I believe he does break new ground. The tunings and capo use is inventive and results in sounds that while true to Fahey, are more modern sounding and mature. American Primitive all grown up? Perhaps.

Probably the other factor is that Jones plays music that is very moody, not like that bad girlfriend you once had, but music that creates an aura. The guitar in Jones' hands is a storyteller. Too many instrumental guitarists fail to move me, not because they lack technique, but because they rely on it. Glenn has both technique and a story telling ability. Fahey was, at times, short on technique, but it didn't matter, he got the message across. Glenn likes to use dissonance to create the story he is telling and I think he has really taken it to another level. Fahey's Dance of Death was amazing, but I don't think he ever topped it or matched it and it was rather early in his long career. Jones is also fond of playing the 12 string. Gotta love the 12 string.
Give it a listen and please drop a comment.

Track listing
1. Intro (Greetings)
2. Freedom Raga
3. Intro (Talking)
4. The Teething Necklace
5. Intro (Talking)
6. Against My Ruin
7. Intro (Talking)
8. The Doll Hospital
9. Intro (Talking)
10.David And The Phoenix
11.Intro (Talking)
12.Sphinx Unto Curious Men

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  1. thanks! I love glenn jones -- he's up there with Jack Rose and Steffen Basho-Jungans -- carriers of the takoma torch who encompass the whole spectrum of musical ideas and have cleaner technique than their forbears.

    there's a couple of odd audio glitches in some of the tracks, not sure what the problem is.

  2. I'll check on the files, might need to be redone, thanks for letting me know!
    BTW, I will be posting some Jack Rose soon.
    And hey Pirate! Thanks for adding me to your blog roll!

  3. Hi delta,
    Glenn was kind enough to let me record this show in my own living room (That was the highlight of 2006 for me). I stumbled upon your blog looking for Fahey's xmas music this year and saw your post. I read that there were some glitches on your copy. There wasn't any on the original that I am aware of as I mixed the master session and sent out the original cdr's to some folks on the Fahey Forum. I am glad that you liked it and thanks for the Fahey Tab!!!

  4. This is great. Thanks. Is there a date for the show?