August 27, 2008

Ragtime Ralph - Lost Blues: 1929-1934

This is the latest from the mysterious Ragtime Ralph, long ago seen opening for the one and only John Fahey. Ragtime Ralph has always shared his music freely and I hope he doesn't mind me posting it here. He did send me his limited edition CD of only 100 copies absolutely free.
This is a very good blues outing. Strictly oldtime blues, mostly fingerpicking and a little bit of very primitive stuff. He doesn't do much singing but when he does it is a low, growl. Good stuff. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. great blog you've started here!
    you can hear a strong debt to ol' JoeDeath in mr. Ralph's playing, but the Ghost Rider Blues is inspired! The whole takoma gang ought to be ashamed they didn't think of it first...

  2. Great blog and album.

  3. ragtime ralph use to live in the same house that i did.he sit in the upstairs hallway and make my old twelve string come alive.

  4. Having just received and heard the "Unearthed" disc, I believe I need this one now!

    Many thanks!!!

  5. Whoa, thanks so much for this- i cant wait to listen- and i love the album cover. Keep up the great blog