June 29, 2013

RIP Google Reader

Google Reader, one of the world's most popular RSS readers, is shutting down on July 1, 2013, Google announced...
A bit of late notice, but if you use Google Reader you should already be aware of this news.  My selfish concern in this is that those of you that follow Delta-Slider via Google Reader will drift away and leave me sad and alone.

So, here are a few alternatives to Reader that you can use.  The Mrs. and I are using Newsblur and she is quite happy with it so far.  I just loaded it up this morning.  Don't be fooled by the screen telling you 1,476 people in front of you are awaiting their free account.  We both got an email for a free account a couple days later.

Also in the running is Feedly.  The Mrs. is a huge blog junky and has been furiously testing alternatives, this one has been running side by side with Newsblur and it's a close race.  You can find info about it here:  Transitioning from Google Reader to feedly 

No doubt there are others be be cautious.  Even if you aren't using Google Reader, the one you are using may be running off Google's "backend".  I think that's some techno-geekology term that I only vaguely understand, but I think it means that once Google shuts down these other readers lose the connection to all your fav blogs.

So here's to hoping you will find a new reader and continue to follow Delta-Slider and all your other favorite blogs out there.  I know my posting has fallen off quite a bit as of late but you know how it is...life!  But the Slider ain't dead, no, just taking a break between sets.



  1. Scott...hiowdy! I know nothing about where I get Delta Slider...I just go online...type in Delta Slider and thar she blows!

    Will it be the same after today (July 1st)?

    Cheers! Ralph.

    1. No worries Ralph! Type it in and it will still work!! Thanks!

  2. No sweat, Scott, my own (generally non-musical) blog has also gone on a long walkabout, but I'll keep following Delta Slider. I gone to Feedly, and minor irritations aside I'm very happy - god knows Google Reader had its annoyances too. Still so many great blogs to follow, I don't know how the rest of the world gets by without a good reader!

  3. A-ha! Here's a long list of reader alternatives: http://alternativeto.net/software/google-reader/