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Fahey Week 2010
Fahey - Guitarist
Late Career- Electric Bootlegs
You Want How Much for that Record?!?!?
Early Career Bootlegs
John Fahey in Cyberspace
The Best of John Fahey Guitar TAB
The Interpretation of Blind Joe Death

Fahey Week 2011
John A Fahey - Feb. 28th 1939 to Feb. 22th 2001
When the Catfish is in Bloom - video tutorial by Charlie Schmidt Pt. 1
When the Catfish is in Bloom - video tutorial by Charlie Schmidt Pt. 2
When the Catfish is in Bloom - video tutorial by Charlie Schmidt Pt. 3
John Fahey - Peel Sessions May 28th 1969
John Fahey - Azalea City and Turtle Outtakes
Glenn Jones on "John Fahey - The Fonotone Years"

Fahey Week 2012
Guitar Holder Effigy of John Fahey
John Fahey - Univ. of Washington , 1973 bootleg
John Fahey - Live at Swarthmore College 1968 & Carnegie Hall - bootlegs
Kirill Nikolai & Colin Treiber "Three Studies Of October & The Cemetery For Mt.Vernon In Spring"
American Primitive on the Web
John Fahey - San Fran 1969 & Silverton OR 1987 bootlegs
John Fahey Guitar Tabs
                                    Joe Kirby Blues
                                    Red Pony
                                    In Christ there is no East or West
                                    Candy Man
                                    Brenda's Blues
                                    Joe Kirby Blues (alt version)
                                    I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free

Fahey "Week" (spread over many actual weeks) 2013
John Fahey - Fare Forward Voyagers Tab
John Fahey Guitar TAB Steve Talbot on the Keddie Wye & Dianne Kelly
John Fahey - Live at Stoneybrook 1972
John Fahey - Blind Joe Death Unreissued 1959 Versions
John Fahey - Louisville 1977
John Fahey - Aurora, Oregon 1999

Fahey Week 2014
Dance of Death Life of John Fahey - Biographer Steve Lowenthal discusses the book
The Fahey Legacy
Live bootleg, McCabe's Guitar Shop and link to Wolfgang's Vault live shows
The John Fahey TAB library - link to a huge, 300+ page PDF of TAB
Live show at Jabberwocky Nightclub-1972
John Fahey TAB for the following songs:
                                                             Life is Like a Mountain Railroad
                                                             Revelation on the Banks of the Pawtuxent
                                                             Sunset on Prince George's County
Live show at Rum Doodle's - 1984

Fahey Week 2015
the Zabriskie Point tapes
John Fahey on WNYC 1991
Tom Weller - Artist for the Fahey album Covers
John Fahey and the Williams Brothers
A Poem & a Song by RC Johnston
John Fahey - Dance of the Inhabitants...Live @ Washington U
Fahey's Dance of Death Outtakes
John Fahey Guitar Tabs
                                    Son House
                                    City of Refuge
                                    Charles A Lee In Memoriam

Other Posts
John Fahey - live bootleg The Barn University of California Riverside, CA
John Fahey - ANDY KERSHAW SESSION 15 October 1987(bootleg)
The Paintings of John Fahey
Unknown Bards: The Blues Becomes Transparent About Itself by John Jeremiah Sullivan

John Fahey Sites
The Fahey site for album by album info, interviews, tabs, discussion, history... and home of the Fahey Guitar Players Forum
Great site for the latest Fahey news and lots of other Fahey stuff. - now MIA
John Fahey: Record Labels and other Trivia for Collectors

Takoma Records Discography
Great resource with album art, track lists and more.

This delta had the very pronounced habit, during certain dry seasons, of sliding. In order to compensate for the encroachments of numerous escarpments, which were at this time always encroaching upon everyone, due to the sliding of the delta. Hymns were composed, which were sung to various gods of the delta and the escarpments. In time, the escarpments ceased to encroach, but the delta continued to slide, which was quite naturally no longer dangerous to the local volk. These hymns continued to be sung altho their aetology was long forgotten. Later they were written down in compensium of sliding delta hymns which were so named. - Fahey, Dance of Death liner notes.