February 23, 2014

John Fahey TAB - Life is Like a Mountain Railroad - Revelation on the Banks of the Pawtuxent - Sunset on Prince George's County

From RAILROAD I (1983)

'"Life is Like a Mountain Railroad"

"I ask you, is it?"  From the Shanachie liner notes Mr. Fahey asks us, is life like a mtn railroad?  I think he was asking us a rhetorical question.  Maybe playing will help you decide.  There never was a RR II according to Fahey, surprising considering his love of trains.

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"Revelation on the Banks of the Pawtuxent "

“What was the revelation?” asked Barry Hansen.
“I was hoping for one, but there wasn't one,” said Fahey, celebrator of disappointment.

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From LET GO (1984)

"Sunset on Prince George's County"

According to JohnFahey.com someone once wondered what was the "...motivation to spend hours recording this...piece of shit." lamented that it was a "...dreary album of nothing but guitar." and accused it of being an "...Alzheimer-causing album."  Legit review?

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More uncommon tabs of Fahey's work from MTW who was contributing tabs last year as well.  These are tabs that just aren't out there on the net right now.  This is a really great mix of work and I'm particularly happy to see a slide piece here in the mix.  I think I've had people on here ask for any RR I tab and I've seen a forum where someone was asking for Sunset on Prince George's County.  So a little something for everyone!!

Hey, if ya take a tab leave a comment!  Thanks all.



  1. Excellent to have a tab of "Sunset On Prince George's County". Thanks!

  2. SoPGC - aka Finale from America, one of my faves. A million thanks!