February 26, 2010

John Fahey in Cyberspace

Today's feature is focused on Fahey-friendly sites.  Not all of these site are necessarily just about John Fahey, though there is no shortage of those and I've probably missed more than a few.  But these are sites I've come across that share some of the music that I think Fahey fans might like.

Ah John, cyberspace is so far from the turtle brigade of yore!

Here we go:

Johnfahey.org - Great site with a news page and tons of links.  Also, a list of Fahey's gigs and the ever important compilation of guitar TAB.

JohnFahey.com - THE Fahey site with an insane amount of info compiled and maintained by the IFC (International Fahey Committee).  Great discography.  There is a ton of info here, just dig around a bit.  Also a good site for guitar TAB.  The Fahey Guitar Players group is also a great place to go, moderated by the IFC (I believe) you must join to read and post but why wouldn't you?

Work & Worry: From the "About" page: Work & Worry is about acoustic music, with emphasis on fingerstyle acoustic guitar music. I’m hoping to bring you show announcements, show reviews, record reviews, etc etc etc, all loosely within the sphere of acoustic and folk music. And so he does!  Good site that is focused on fingerstyle in the here and now.  Check it!

Annaherungen:  Ok, now we are getting out there.  Some of this stuff is just whacked to me.  However, my musical tastes have shifted and changed over the years and as long as I keep trying to grow in my appreciation of music i can't predict what the future will bring.  So I like to stop by here and d/l a thing or two and give it a listen, you never know what is going to work.  There is also a lot of Fahey here for the listening if you are looking to expand your understanding of Fahey.

Takoma Records Discography: Great collection of record covers from every (?) Takoma release, including the various artwork, date of release, contents and catalog number.

John Fahey blogspot:  Stephen has a great Fahey specific site with a lot of discussion of the early record covers and all their minor differences.  Also a great little collection of out-takes, rare and unreleased material.

Wrath of the Grapevine: The Pirate's Fahey post, The Roots of Fahey is an amazing post, what a ton of work!  Check out the rest of the site, he has a lot of various music with an acoustic bent.  He also has a tendency to go off on cool adventures (like now) so you may find the blog silent for periods of time. 

Grown So Ugly: Good site that hasn't been updated in a long while but nonetheless has a TON of great music to download.  You can start with a Fahey search and go from there.

Did I miss your favorite site?  Leave me a comment, I'm always looking for great new sites!

Is the week over? you ask?  No, no my little Fahey addict!  In fact, you don't want to miss the weekend posts!  GREAT stuff coming up Saturday and Sunday.


  1. thanks a ton for all your great posts man, didn't expect you would mention my little blog. sorry to let you down though, but i leave it up for some time don't want to ruin your post man.

  2. THANK YOU so much for making this available, many have been looking for it quite a while I'm sure!
    I've made 1 PDF file from these scans, that may be a little easier to use/print - the file can be downloaded here: http://tinyurl.com/yzjv73u
    or here: http://tinyurl.com/yjh7zon


  3. Ernst,
    Ah well, i suppose some day this place will shut down as well. I liked all your work you put into your blog. Thanks for that!

  4. Bert,
    Thanks for doing that, for some reason I couldn't get my program to do that.
    Now start pickin! :)