February 24, 2011

Charlie Schmidt - When the Catfish is in Bloom part 2

Today Charlie leads us through part 2 of his tutorial of When the Catfish is in Bloom.

I want to say a few things about learning to play a song this way.  I am one of many, many people that feels lost without a pile of TAB in front of me to guide me through a song.  For many years now I have all but given up on learning to play a song any other way.  I often have this feeling that I've been doing myself a disservice by insisting on learning songs in this fashion.

Instead of being a slave to the tapping of your foot and the sheets of paper, try to use listening and feeling as your guide.  If you have spent any time at all fingerpicking you may be surprised at how your fingers will know what to do, especially on the right hand.

Besides, with an open tuning of CGCGCC it's hard to hit a wrong note!

Good luck!