July 25, 2010

The Paintings of John Fahey

Female Cat Person Disguised as Skunk Cabbage
Well that about says it all, don't it?  And for a mere $1,000, framed.

The East Village, NY
July 10 - September 12, 2010

Presented by John Andrew and AVA

Thanks to Andrew over at the FaheyGuitarPlayers forum for posting this.  I wish I could go as well.

Short article on the owner of the gallery, Justin Luke.

AVA page for the Fahey show

Price Sheet

This one is just frightening!

But these two I like.  Dark, but not unsettling.  They would make for a nice purchase.  Of course I really like that the one on the left is signed as well.  Anyone want to 'lend' me a couple grand?

"A series of sound collage works, spoken word, explorative / home recordings, and comedy all performed by John Fahey will be transmitted on the outside of AVA (as part of the Exterior Sounds series) during the course of the exhibition"
Comedy?  What?  Would some one like to tell me about the time they saw Fahey doing comedy?  Must be very dry.

Just thought I would pass this along.  Be sure to click around over at the AVA site, there are lots more paintings to view and plenty of reading as well.


  1. Haha! Could you upload that Fahey-Comedy?

  2. Some spoken on the way to slider shortly...
    'comedy'? well, yes, dry or droll - the Fahey wit.

  3. Thanks for posting these Fahey paintings! I'll always remember a package he sent me in 1997, containing a jumble of stuff including two paintings, cassette tapes, and a letter. The cassette tapes consisted of his recent recordings along with some Blind Willie Johnson material. Unfortunately the paintings were stolen from me a couple of years later ... wish I still had 'em.

  4. I have one of John's originals for sale.